Although the world created in the Judge Ment Series is a fictional one, some of the places frequented by William Ment are real. The Company's Gardens in Cape Town is one of them. It was established in 1652 by Dutch settlers as a half-way house to supply fresh goods to ships on their way to the East. 

Today it is a tranquil garden in the heart of the Mother City and a special place for William Ment. Some of the scenes in the series take place in this beautiful and peaceful setting.



It was a pleasant day with hardly any wind as Ment made his way between the groves of majestic trees and bright green foliage towards the restaurant.

Ment glanced at the frothy water cascading from the mouth of a concrete statue of a fish being held up high by a small boy, onto the surface of a large pool covered with clusters of white water lilies, as shoals of bright orange and white Koi tested the surface with their gaping mouths.




The restaurant was not very full with only a few patrons sitting at the tables surrounding the base of the trunk of a massive oak tree.


A curious grey squirrel approached, sniffed the air, its bushy tail erect and twisting upwards, before it turned abruptly, and darted up a nearby tree.



The rose garden stretched out on both sides of the pathway that led to the front door of the quaint little cottage that Alice called home.

He rushed forward like a little boy in an amusement park and bent over to smell the first rose he encountered.



It was one of Ment’s favourite places. A park bench surrounded by nature dressed in her finest clothing, and the smell of freshly mown lawn, tree moss, and fertile, damp soil.

He looked up into the strong branches of Ficus sycomorus and wondered how she maintained her looks after more than one hundred and fifty years of standing in the same spot.






His eye caught the figure of a strikingly beautiful woman walking gracefully down the path towards him, her confident, sexy stride pronounced and outstanding.




"Hello Peter. Hope I'm not late. This place brings back so many memories of when I was a boy and played here that I often don't take note of the time."

 Carstens scowled. "Well, I can't stand them. Have you noticed the way they arrogantly approach you and check you out like you're a giant acorn?"


Ment welcomed the relief that the dense trees in the gardens brought as he walked along the shady path...




As Ment walked back to the High Court building, he hardly noticed his beautiful surroundings.


"There's a bench over here where we can sit for a while."

"I'm sorry I got all carried away, but I told you the other evening that I studied floriculture. Flowers were my first love."






"...and that one over on the right that looks like a giant molehill, is Lion's Head."

The mountain stood as a backdrop to the city, like a great wall overlooking and protecting it...cradling its more modern companion in its arms like a mother with a new-born baby.

Flocks of pigeons and smaller birds gave way as Ment walked through them, hoping that he would toss some tasty morsels onto the ground.




One of the pleasures of being a judge, was a new vehicle every few years, and no concern for the rising fuel prices.

With enough problems to worry about, Ment thought, transport should not be one of them.


Alice looked on as the usher packed them against the wall in Ment's chambers.

"Are you really intending to read all of this ,Judge?"

"Actually, I'm not, Alice, we are."


After the advocates had left, Ment stood and carefully put on his scarlet gown that signified that he was presiding over a criminal trial, a practice inherited from the English courts.



The rim flow pool...extended itself from the far end of the patio into the ocean below.

The water seemed to stretch out towards the sun until it faded away at the edge of the world.




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