Profound Statements by well-known people (Wise words or not-you decide)



'The life of the law has not been logic; it has been reason'

Oliver Wendell Holmes



'Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything'



'There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men; time'

Napoleon Bonaparte


'The law is reason free from passion'



'The law an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'

Mahatma Gandhi


'Laws alone cannot secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be a spirit of tolerance in the entire population'

Albert Einstein


'A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on'

Sam Goldwyn


'The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law'

Jeremy Bentham


'A long line of cases shows that it is not merely of some importance, but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done'

Gordon Hewart

'Associate yourself with men of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company'

George Washington


'It always seems impossible until it's done'

Nelson Mandela


'If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law'

Winston Churchill


‘He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it’



'I am proud to acknowledge that I am a liberal who adheres to old-fashioned values such as the rule of law, universal franchise, free elections, a free press, free association, guaranteed civil rights and an independant judiciary'

Helen Suzman


'After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb'

Nelson Mandela


'Life is a romantic business, but you have to make the romance'

Oliver Wendall Holmes


'Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will'

Nelson Mandela


'There is always a better way'

Thomas Edison


'Good lawyers know the law; great lawyers know the judge' 

Author Unknown


'A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself' 

Lord Brougham


'Whereas the law is passionless, passion must ever sway the heart of man'



'Hard cases, it is said, make bad law'

Lord John Campbell


'No one can be judge in his own cause' 

Latin legal maxim


'The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs'  

Author Unknown


'Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices'  

Edgar Argo


'We don't seem to be able to check crime, so why not legalize it and then tax it out of business? 

Will Rogers

'Rather let the crime of the guilty go unpunished than condemn the innocent' 

Justinian ,  A.D. 535


'I've never had a problem with drugs.  I've had problems with the police' 

Keith Richards


'It's strange that men should take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest'

Author unknown, quoted in Sunshine magazine


'Lawsuit: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage' 

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary


'We don't give our criminals much punishment, but we sure give 'em plenty of publicity'   Will Rogers


'Poverty is the mother of crime' 

Marcus Aurelius


'Corn can't expect justice from a court composed of chickens' 

African Proverb


'A country is considered the more civilized the more the wisdom and efficiency of its laws hinder a weak man from becoming too weak or a powerful one too powerful.'

Primo Levi 


'The vices of the rich and great are mistaken for error; and those of the poor and lowly, for crimes. 

Lady Marguerite Blessington


'Our defense is not in our armaments, nor in science, nor in going underground. Our defense is in law and order.'

 Albert Einstein 


'An appeal... is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court'  

Finley Peter Dunne


'Law is not justice and a trial is not a scientific inquiry into truth.  A trial is the resolution of a dispute' 

Edison Haines


'It is easier to commit murder than to justify it' 

Aemilius Papinianus


'The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.'

Henry Alfred Kissinger 


‘If we do not maintain Justice, Justice will not maintain us’ 

Frances Bacon


'If there is a wrong way to do something, then someone will do it.'

Edward A. Murphy 


The lawgiver, of all beings, most owes the law allegiance. He of all men should behave as though the law compelled him. But it is the universal weakness of mankind that what we are given to administer we presently imagine we own.’
H.G. Wells


'I am a trial lawyer. ... Matilda says that at dinner on a good day I sound like an affidavit'

 Mario Cuomo 


'Law: the only game where the best players get to sit on the bench' 

Author Unknown

Where the legal system fails, violence begins’

Hugo de Groot


'A lawyer is never entirely comfortable with a friendly divorce, anymore than a good mortician wants to finish his job and then have the patient sit up on the table.'

Jean Kerr 


'Common sense often makes good law.'

William Orville Douglas 


‘It is ignorance of the law rather than knowledge of it that leads to litigation’

Cicero (106-43 BC) De Legibus


‘Words are the lawyers tools of trade’

Lord Denning


'In university they don't tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.'

Doris Lessing 


'Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all'



 'If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made.'

Otto von Bismarck 

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