William Ment is a fictitious character, but many of the places featured in the book are not. The scenes below are in and around the harbour town of Hout Bay situated not far from the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Photographer- M Luyt 


“That’s the most beautiful view I have ever seen,” Melanie said.


“We’re moving down along the coast to a seaside town called Hout Bay. It was known for its beautiful forests and the timber used for construction in Cape Town in the early days,” Sepai said.
They approached the harbour area and could see groups of yachts, and cabin cruisers, moored in the little bay and at the jetty. They bobbed and swayed to the gentle movement of the water as a cool summer breeze created tiny waves on the placid surface.
Jake Sepai pointed to a large wooden building situated on the harbour wall near the entrance.
“That’s the restaurant. It’s called the Mariner’s Wharf and has the best crayfish you’ll find around here,” he said.
“Good. I’m feeling pretty peckish,” Leonard Bowman said.
“Then you won’t be disappointed,” Sepai replied.
“Looks almost like a place where pirates hang out,” Melanie added, looking up at the building.
“Well, let’s hope that they’re hungry and only interested in food, Mrs. Bowman,” Sepai said as he showed his white teeth.
The road meandered along a mountain side on their right and little bays and beaches below to their left.
They drove through elite seaside residential areas with houses built into the rock face of the mountain overlooking the sea below, some boasting several storeys to ensure that the coveted panoramic views were never blocked by another building.



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